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Relationships as Mirrors

At Relationships as Mirrors we specialise in working with those who seek to heal after experiencing painful and unhealthy relationships patterns.

Through a process of active reflection and deeply transformative inner work, we support individuals to learn, grow and create more connected and fulfilling relationships with themselves, with others and with life itself.

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Our Story

Relationships as Mirrors started as a platform to offer guidance and inspiration to those experiencing chronic relationship-based struggles and pain.

Founded by Jo Garner, who has travelled her own path of healing destructive relationship patterns since early adulthood, Relationships as Mirrors aims to provide signposts to guide people along the arduous journey of relationship healing.

Our philosophy is simple, relationships mirror back our unhealed parts providing invaluable insights we can use to improve the relationship with ourselves and others.

Hence, if we aspire to create and maintain more fulfilling connections, free of unhealthy patterns, we must leverage our mirrored reflections, observe them, decode their message and begin to heal.

At Relationships as Mirrors we support this process of ‘reflection discovery’ through individual and group coaching, programmes and resources to increase awareness and facilitate positive and long-lasting change.


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About Me

Jo is the Founder of Relationships as Mirrors.

An experienced professional coach, speaker, and facilitator, Jo splits her time between UK and Spain where she runs transformative workshops and retreats focusing on Inner Child Healing and overcoming toxic relationship patterns.

Having spent over 10 years in Australia as a highly regarded executive coach and leadership development consultant for large international organisations, she has left it all behind to embrace her true purpose: supporting individuals to learn, grow and create more connected and fulfilling relationships with themselves, with others and with life itself.

Qualified with a Master’s degree of Science in Coaching Psychology from the prestigious University of Sydney, Jo offers a pragmatic yet highly intuitive approach to her work.

Her openness and wholehearted vulnerability make Jo a warm, relatable, and deeply empathic coach and facilitator.

Born in Argentina and naturalised Australian, Jo currently resides in Leicester, United Kingdom, with her husband David and their sausage dogs Frida and Pickle.

Jo is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

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what people are saying


“Jo has been coaching me for the last 8 years and I can confidently say she’s had a major positive impact on the person I’m proud to be today.

Jo is both empathetic and professional and coaches with a kind of patience that allows someone like me who often struggles with their emotions to feel comfortable.

I cannot recommend Jo highly enough and have referred her to multiple friends already.”

Declan, Coaching client

“Jo is a talented and insightful coach.

She has the ability to quickly get to the core of any issue and offer clear and compassionate feedback.

I was lucky enough to work Jo this year and I will always be grateful for the guidance and support I received from her.”

Laura, Coaching client

“Jo is incredibly talented, engaged and engaging, vulnerable and authentic.

I thoroughly recommend any session or process that Jo is a key part of.

For me the experience was life changing.”

Kiri, Coaching client

Thank you so much! The warmth, compassion and care provided allowed me to connect to the most loving part of myself.

This workshop is highly recommended to those who seek to look at the shadows within in order to heal.

Marina, Inner Child Healing Workshop participant

I am 54 years old.

Of those, I have always lived like a survivor, reactive and lost in rollercoaster of life.

The Inner Child Healing Workshop “Reclaiming Wholeness” was a before and after for me.

It gave the tools and knowledge to start climbing out of the hole.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jo.

Maria Victora, Inner Child Healing Workshop participant

The experience lived in the workshop was very enriching, I could never have imagined the things that were revealed to me and that led my inner child and me to be merged from a place of love and understanding.

If you have the opportunity to attend, you will not regret it, being able to make peace with your wounded inner child provides a kind of inner peace that cannot be explained in words.


Yamilet, Inner Child Healing Workshop participant

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